Diagnostic Imaging Systemchoose products

Medical imaging is used for diagnosis of human organ tissue, bone structure, and blood diseases for medical institutions so that doctors can accurately grasp the patient’s conditions and treat the disease effectively and further for academic research. Common diagnostic instruments include X-ray, MRI, PET, ultrasonic instrument, etc., which use different radiation methods to penetrate the body tissue and produce an image on a corresponding film. Such medical imaging systems typically consist of multiple electronic components or control boards that require a single or multiple sets of DC output voltages. The appropriate medical power supplies shall be selected based on the end system’s electrical requirements, such as MOPP or MOOP requirement and built-in or external installations, etc. MEAN WELL can provide medical power solutions for 3~55VDC models ranging from 1~1200W output, such as MSP/RPS-C/NMP, all suitable for medical imaging systems.